Board Actions Passed April 9, 2001
Amended March 30, 2009

1. Sons or Daughters of Resident Members or grand fathered special women will pay 50% of initiation fee.

2. Junior Resident Members pay 50% of dues and no initiation fee.

3. Junior Resident Member becomes Resident Member if 31 years of age before April 1st

4. Grandchildren are not family members for purposes of determining who may be eligible to play under Resident Member privileges.

5. Past members that have been gone for ten (10) years or less will pay no initiation fee upon returning. Members that have been gone for over ten (10) years will pay the full initiation fee if applicable.

6. If a Resident Member dies, the non-resident member and family will receive one full year free of dues. After that year they will be billed as a Resident Member.

7. Divorce: Non-Resident Member privileges cease upon Divorce. Legally separated does not constitute divorce and the spouse can play under Resident Membership until date the divorce becomes final. At the request of the Resident Member the Business Office could issue the spouse a separate charge account.

8. Significant Other: Member Resident privileges will be extended based upon IRS guidelines for proof of address, otherwise they will be considered as a Guest.

9. Children, Grandchildren and Past members will receive first consideration for membership subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

10. Family junior members (not Junior Resident Members) must be (IRS) dependent to play under Resident Membership.

11. Bills Not Paid: Delinquent members will be posted 50 days after the date that bill became due.

12. Guest may play a total of five (5) times. The 3-Day Member Guest, Senior Member Guest including practice rounds and Stag Days are excluded.

13. Guest Play: Friday: One (1) guest per member 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Saturday: One (1) guest per member before 10:00am

Sunday: No restrictions

Holidays: No restrictions

14. Requested Leaves of Absence: Members will be allowed one (1) leave of absence for non-medical reasons once every ten (10) years. Medical leaves of absence will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

15. A Resident Member can submit only one (1) person per year to the

Membership Committee for membership consideration.

16. A nine hole rate of 50% of greens fee is available after 4:00 pm Saturday &


17. Saturday & Sunday after 2:00 pm the greens fee will be at the weekly rate.

18. Reciprocals are accepted any time Monday thru Thursday. On Friday’s before 11:00

am, and after 1:00 pm on Saturday or Sunday. ALL play must be scheduled and approved by the Pro Shop.

19. Any past member who still has any open or unsettled obligations with Tuscarora Golf Club will not be allowed to play at Tuscarora until such matters have been satisfied in the Business Office of the Club.

20. Members on leave may play as a guest in the 3-Day or Senior Member Guest events.

21. Practice round for 3-Day Member Guest will be limited to one (1) round per team on either Saturday or Sunday after 2:00 pm or Mon., Tues., Wed. during the week of the event.

22. Shotgun Starts require a minimum of 72 players for 18 holes and 60 players for 9 hole events. Any request for variations need to be discussed with and approved by the Tournament Committee Chairperson.

23. Stag days and large outside events will have 12:30 pm shotgun starts.

24. Each Board Member will receive five (5) guest passes each year at full value for their service on the Board. All passes are transferable by holder of the pass.

25. House manager and his or her family will have non-resident playing hour privileges. No league or tournaments. Subject to review if being abused.

26. If the spouse of a resident member wants to become a resident member He/She must be submitted to the Membership Committee through normal process. Their election to membership will need board approval. The spouse that is elected to membership will pay 50% of the initiation fee.

27. Memorial Day and Labor Day will be considered a normal Monday for all play.

28. Resident Members will have reserved tee time as follows:

Friday 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Saturday 6:00 am – 11:00 am
Sunday 6:00 am – 10:30 am


Effective April 1, 2014 the Board of Directors has authorized the suspension of ALL CLUB PRIVILIEGES of those members whose accounts with the club are 30 days past due.

Such suspension will include:

–       Suspension of all golf privileges

–       Suspension of member’s “charge” privileges in the House;

By way of explanation: the amounts due as set forth in each member’s monthly statement are required to be paid by the end of that month. If they are not paid by the end of the statement month they are “past due”. If they are not paid winthin 30 days thereafter (that is by the end of the following month) the balance is then “30 days past due” and subjects the member’s privileges to suspension.

As the aged balance for each member’s account is set forth in their monthly statement, such suspensions will be effective without further notice to the member.